Chronicle of the Month Official Rules

All chronicles posted(Not submitted, mind you) during a given month are eligible to receive the honor of being named Chronicle of the Month for that month. All members of the web board are entitled to one and only one vote. Individuals with more than one account are still only allowed one vote. All authors of chronicles are assumed to vote for their own chronicle, unless they unambiguously specify otherwise. If an author submits multiple chronicles, the author is assumed to vote for the chronicle which receives the most votes from other members. After one week of voting, the chronicle that has gotten the most votes is named Chronicle of the Month. In the event that fewer than two chronicles are eligible to be chronicle of the month, there will be no winner that month. The lone chronicle, if one exists, will go on to be eligible the following month.

In the event that votes are tied after one week of voting, one additional member is allowed to vote. This voter must vote for one of the chronicles that is tied. During this period, those who have already voted are also allowed to change their votes to the tied chronicles. Authors of chronicles that are not tied are encouraged to vote during this time. After this vote is cast, the winner is decided.

Any voting member may call for a runoff vote to be held any time before the winner is announced. In a runoff, the voting is extended one additional week. During the runoff week, only the top two ranked chronicles are eligible for consideration. All members who had voted for chronicles that are no longer eligible are allowed and encouraged to change their votes to one of the eligible chronicles. Calling for a runoff is frowned upon if it would be unlikely to overturn the results of the first week's voting.

An Honorable Mention may be awarded at the discretion of the moderators, or if a significant number of voting members call for it. This allows us to recognize outstanding chronicles, even if they don't win. Nominating oneself for an Honorable Mention is generally frowned upon.

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