Cythera Creatures

Swamp gatorSwamp gators are somewhat dangerous. They have a powerful bite, and a thick hide. They are found only in the southern swamp. Their hide can be used to produce great boots.
AspAlso found in swamps, asps are not quite as dangerous as gators. They rarely survive being hit, and have a weak attack. They attack in groups, but this does little to boost their chances. They blend in well with their surrounding swamp, so you rarely know there are asps before you are surrounded. Their poison can be dangerous, though if you're in the swamp, you're going to get poisoned anyway.
RatlizardThey only dangerous part about ratlizards is their poison. They do little damage when attacking, and usually die in one hit. They attack in huge groups. Cademia's sewers are their primary habitat.
WolflizardWolflizards are difficult to find. They tend to attack in small groups. They cannot survive much damage, and have a weak bite.
UnicornUnicorns are completely harmless, though difficult to kill. They always contain meat, so if you're hungry, go ahead and hunt them.
TitanTitans carry enough meat to feed your whole party. They can survive a great deal of damage, but never fight back. They are found throughout Cythera.
RuffianRuffians are somewhat weak, but attack in large groups. They usually carry treasure. If you need a little quick money, you can kill ruffians. If you kill enough, you're bound to find some good equipment.
Giant CrabGiant Crabs have a somewhat powerful attack and a medium ability to survive harm. They attack in groups, which can make them dangerous. They are found throughout Cythera, though primarily in remote regions
OozeOoze is fairly weak, though it is poisonous. It is found in some caves around Cythera.
Land JellyfishLand jellyfish are not a threat. They are very weak.
Giant SlugGiant slugs are not a threat. They have extremely weak defense.
ScyllaScyllas are fairly powerful. The most dangerous aspect of the scylla is that it includes a large number of tentacles. The scylla can not move inland, so it is easy to flee from.
PolypPolyps are potentially the most dangerous non-magical creature in all of Cythera. They attack in groups, can absorb a lot of damage, and have a deadly melee attack. They are found throughout Cythera, though primarily in more remote regions.
HydraDespite their appearance, hydras are perfectly safe. The only problem they present is that they often block important passages. They can only be killed by ranged attacks. Click on the image for a full size picture.
HarpyThe ability to cause you to lose control is the harpies' most dangerous ability. They have a relatively weak melee attack, but compensate for this by attacking in hordes. They are found only in and around the harpy cave.
GolemGolems rely entirely upon their powerful melee attack to cause damage. They can take a lot of hits before they go down.
UndeadIndividually, undead are not a threat. Unfortunately, they tend to attack in large groups. They have no magical power. They are found exclusively in the two strongholds in northern Cythera.
SkeletonLike the undead, skeletons are weak, but attack in large groups. Aside from their appearance, they are essentially the same as undead.
LichLiches are extremely powerful and dangerous. Their ability to cause you to lose control is by far their most dangerous power. Their lightning and magic arrows are also very harmful. Fortunately, they are found only in the northern stronghold. The best defense against liches is an odd helm.
DemonDemons are the most powerful enemy in the game. On top of having most, if not all, of the liches' magic, demons also have powerful melee attacks. The best defense against demons is an odd helm.

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