Cythera Tricks

Here are some helpful tricks. Most of these aren't really cheats in the normal sense, just ways of getting around the rules. If you have any other helpful tricks, feel free to send the to me at

How to carry more than you can lift
How to take stuff without stealing it
How to get a much money as you want in a (somewhat) reasonable amount of time
How to send most anything into oblivion
How to use Pandora's Box (also includes a nice save game file)
How to open locks
How to get into portals you can't reach(stairways, holes, etc.)
How to get stuff to stay where you leave it
How to replicate heavy things

User Tricks:
How to alter your position in the game from Bryce Schroeder
How to get experience quickly from Cotten Kelsh
How to get experience quickly from a different place from Asher
How to change the difficulty of the game from Karen Vradelis
How to modify your saved games from Larry Harris
How to get money when you have none from Louis C. Sacha
How to get alchemical elements quickly from Tim Taylor

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